017 Potential

Yesterday I had some meetings that have potential of being incredible opportunities. I’m truly excited by them. But here’s where the rubber meets the road – despite their potential without follow through it will continue to be what ifs and maybes.


016 Off schedule

My life is so automated that when I get off schedule things do not get done. How do you ensure things – like journaling or blog posts – will still get done when you do not have a normal day?

015 Caught up

With these three posts I am caught up with my goal to post everyday. In 15 days trying to create a habit, I’ve missed two days. I’ve already seen what happens when you don’t make something a priority and when I fall off of my automated schedule. In the next 15 days I will create a better process around the blog while focusing more on the content. Here’s to the next 15 days.

014 Process

Don’t let your process get in the way of your creativity. I find that I’m maximizing my time to be productive by focusing on automating as many things as possible. However, I’m finding that I’m more focused on the automation and less on the creative works. The future is now, I am not a machine.

011 Streak broken

I’m a creature of habit. I put that in place so that I can automate as much as possible of my life. Last night my schedule was taken off course, thus my streak ended at 10. I am going to post 2x today to make up for it but there is a good lesson there that you hear all the time. Fall down and get back up and keep going. This is the smallest of smallest of setbacks but it still applies. Onward and upward!